Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rays expand search for new stadium

Rays' owner Stewart Sternburg had an announcement last monday. The Rays' principal owner asked that all potential new ballpark options within the Tampa Bay area, including those outside St. Petersburg and Pinellas County, be explored. "The future of Major League Baseball in Tampa Bay depends on finding the optimal site for a new ballpark," Sternberg said.

Basically what that means is, it'll be in Tampa. Though, there are some premo areas on the St. Pete side. There is a location less than a mile off of the bridge that connects Tampa and St. Pete. People on the Tampa side complain the drive would be long, when you can actually hit that highway and be across in about 5. Stupid Tampa people.

Here's just a quick mock up of what I was thinking. It could be cleaned up, and provide a boost in that area for business. The problem with the Tropicana Field is that it is in a pretty bad part of St. Pete.


So, I'm bringing this blog back, just for future operations. I will do more report cards, give more news, and try to get this blog kickin'.