Monday, March 29, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Sun Dome

Team: USF Bulls indoor sports
Location: Tampa, FL (USF Campus)
League: Big East
Built: 1980
Capacity: 10,411
My event: NIT Tournament NC State vs USF

1. Outdoor Design
It is pretty much a dome, one from the 1980s. Nothing really that special. Kinda bland.

2. Indoor Design

It seemed pretty hollow, there wasn't a hanging scoreboard or anything. The press boxes were located at the top of the dome, along the sideline. With banners along the sides.

3. Prices
The ticket prices were very good. It was like 10 dollars for adults, 4 for people under 18. The food was normal, so it was pretty good.

4. Food
Have you ever been to Chic-Fil-A? Well it's delicious, and they had a stand there. There was hot dog, and pizza stands. Very good for an arena

5. Staff
Staff was pretty good. Only a few Ticket Nazis(people who check your tickets). The vendors were nice.

6. Cleanliness
When we got to our seats, there was some garbage from before. Not so shabby. Some other things from here and there.

7. Parking
Big lot in front of the arena. Real simple. Easy to get in and out.

8. Atmosphere
When the game was close, at the end, the student section was going wild. But it was pretty empty that night. Average.

9. Playing Surface.

I actually really liked the court design. Simple, and clean.

10. Scoreboard

Never seen this, but above each exit, in each corner, there was a separate scoreboard. Simple ones, that got the job done. The video screens had stats, sometimes video. Pretty neat.

Added up, I got 63 out of 100. I'll post some more int he following days, and see how it adds up! Comment!

Stadium Report Cards

Kay guys, here's one of my favorite ideas. I go to stadiums, take pictures, and rate them. I have a few pictures, and will start tonight. There will be 10 categories, 10 points each. You add up the points at the end, and keep score. I will grade them on a scale from bad/poor/average/good/great. The 10 categories are the following.

  1. Outside Design
  2. Inside Design
  3. Prices
  4. Food
  5. Staff
  6. Cleanliness
  7. Parking
  8. Atmosphere
  9. Playing surface
  10. Scoreboard design

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stadium Lists: Largest Stadiums By Capacity

The start of a new thing here at Stadia Arcadia. I will compile a list for the entertainment of you. So where else to start than going big. This is a list of the 10 largest stadiums in the world.

Azadi Stadium
Tehran, Iran
100,000 seats

Neyland Stadium
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
100,011 seats

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
100,018 Seats

Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium
Austin, Texas, USA
100,119 seats

Ohio Stadium
Columbus, Ohio, USA
102,329 seats

Estadio Azteca
Mexico City, Mexico
105,000 seats

Michigan Stadium
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
106,201 seats

Beaver Stadium
State College, Pennsylvania, USA
107,282 seats

Salt Lake Stadium
Kolkata, India
120,000 seats

Rungrado May Day Stadium
Pyongyang, North Korea
150,000 seats

And now you know! 5 college football stadiums are on the list, and I think Alabama plans to expand their stadium to 100,000 seats for next season.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giants Get Dibs

New Meadowlands Stadium set to open this season. The stadium will host both the New York Giants, and New York Jets. A thing that was up for discussion, was who would get to host the inaugural football on game Week 1. Since both teams paid for the 1.7 Billion dollar stadium, each wanted to host game 1. The NFL held a coinflip, in which the Giants won. The Jets are upset, because no Jets personnel was present at the coin flip.

The Giants will host a game Sunday afternoon, on September 12th, then the Jets will host the Monday night game the day after. The opponents have not been announced. It will hold 82,500 fans, the 3rd biggest in the NFL, behind Washington, and Dallas. The interior lighting will change based on who is playing that day. Blue for the Giants, Green for the Jets.


Welcome to the newest blog by Michael. I run a blog called Sports Logo Spot, and my interest goes beyond just sports logos. I love stadiums, and everything about them. So I will use this blog to show more about stadiums I go to, stadium news, and the newest stadiums.

One thing on an old blog, before it was deleted. I would go to stadiums, and fill out a rubric for each stadium. Then keep a ranking system in the side. I will start them when I get my system together.

Stay tuned, and comment.