Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giants Get Dibs

New Meadowlands Stadium set to open this season. The stadium will host both the New York Giants, and New York Jets. A thing that was up for discussion, was who would get to host the inaugural football on game Week 1. Since both teams paid for the 1.7 Billion dollar stadium, each wanted to host game 1. The NFL held a coinflip, in which the Giants won. The Jets are upset, because no Jets personnel was present at the coin flip.

The Giants will host a game Sunday afternoon, on September 12th, then the Jets will host the Monday night game the day after. The opponents have not been announced. It will hold 82,500 fans, the 3rd biggest in the NFL, behind Washington, and Dallas. The interior lighting will change based on who is playing that day. Blue for the Giants, Green for the Jets.

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