Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Blue Bombers Stadium

In honor of the Grey Cup today, I will make some posts about the new era in CFL stadiums!

Tonight's game is at the renovated BC Place, which hosted it's first game in September. It is the first step into making the CFL more modern. The BC Lions are playing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, which are getting a new stadium next season.

I've had my eyes on this for a while, because they've had this plan for a few years. However they revised the plans, and dropped the arches. The stadium of 34k will be like a miniature version of a stadium like LP field or Raymond James. Upper decks on the sidelines, with a lower bowl on the endzone.

There was an option to view a virtual stadium on their website, but it isn't working now. They do have this demo video, which shows it pretty good, minus the overhangs.

The Bombers are one of the teams with a stadium well overdue to be replaced. Built in 1957, Canad Inns Stadium is part of the stadium trend being phased out for the better.

Later tonight, I will post about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' situation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Baylor Plans?

A few weeks ago, Baylor announced the plans of building a new on-campus state of the art football stadium. The stadium will replace Floyd Casey Stadium. Floyd Casey is off campus, and one of the smaller ones in the Big 12 at 50,000 seats. This whole thing was being led by head coach Art Briles, who wants the hot Bears to have an on campus stadium so their students can be closer to games.

A few things. The open ended stadium will have a view of the river, and campus. There will be a pedestrian bridge from Baylor, across the river to land that the University purchased from the city of Waco. Pedestrian bridges are great, any Titans fans would know. You park once at a major location(ie Baylor, Nashville), and walk to the stadium. After the game, you walk back, without having to move your car.

Lastly, it will be roof, which very few teams have. But some shade in September in the middle of Texas isn't a bad thing.

Populous does the best work on stadiums, no denying that.

Cal Bears Stadium

For the 2011 season, the Cal Bears have been playing at the Giants' AT&T Park. The reason for this is, one, they're renovating their own stadium. And two, it is the only professional stadium not currently in use. Since 1923, Memorial Stadium hasn't been renovated. It's stood the same, for nearly 90 years. They finally decided to make minor updates and turn this...
Into this.
The first part of the renovation was to redo the student facilities and locker rooms. Next, they redid both endzones, and pressbox side. The west side was completely demolished, except for the outer wall and redone. Also, they put expansion joints on earthquake safe blocks because in 1923, they built the stadium on a fault line... But it's all good and it's a nice renovation to one of those old Pac 10 stadiums you see in California.


Who likes twitter? Mississippi State does. In an attempt to get a trending topic, they put #HailState in the endzone, hashtag and all. Anyway to draw attention between the match up between the 5-6 Bulldogs and the 2-9 Rebels. The nameplates will also have HailState on them. No word on hashtags for that one.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Tesla Coils at the St. Pete Times Forum got hooked up last weekend when the Buffalo Sabres came into town. Here is a sweet picture of one of them going off.

On a related note, since the St. Pete Times is being renamed to the Tampa Bay Times, the arena will have a new name starting early next year.

MSG Looking sharp

Madison Square Garden's $850 million second renovation will take place mainly over three offseasons. The more significant portion of it was set to begin after the 2009-10 hockey/basketball seasons, but was delayed until after the 2010-11 seasons. New features include a larger entrance that will include interactive kiosks, retail, climate controlled space, and broadcast studio; larger concourses; new lighting and LED video systems with HDTV; new seating; two new pedestrian walkways suspended from the ceiling to allow fans to look directly down onto the games being played below; more dining options; and improved dressing rooms, locker rooms, green rooms, upgraded roof, and production offices, among other upgrades.

The in-arena walkways will be eliminated, and portals will be installed between each section. The lower bowl concourse (to be known as the Madison Concourse) will remain on the 6th floor. The upper bowl concourse will be relocated to the 8th floor, and will be known as the Garden Concourse. The seventh floor will house the new Madison Suites. The upper bowl will be built on top of these suites. Existing 300 and 400 level seating will be combined to create the new upper bowl.

Construction of the lower bowl (Phase One) was completed for the 2011-2012 NHL and NBA seasons. An extended off-season for the Garden permitted some advanced work to begin on the new upper bowl, which is scheduled to be completed for the 2012–2013 seasons. This advance work includes the West Balcony on the 10th floor, taking the place of sky-boxes, and new end-ice 300 level seating.

 Plans are underway to relocate systems in the periphery of the arena to permit city views. Renovation will be done in phases with the majority done in the summer months to minimize disruptions and will remain operational throughout the NHL and NBA seasons. While the Rangers and Knicks will not be displaced, the summer-competing Liberty are playing at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey during the renovation. Because of the renovation, the Rangers will start the 2011-12 season with seven games on the road before playing their first home game on October 27.

I just copied that from Wikipedia, because I just wanted to get it out there. I did notice some differences about updates that I knew about. Just the atmosphere is better on TV. I remember watching Lightning games and the arena just seemed bleak. Here, compare last night's video
To this game last season.
So lets see, they redid the lower bowl, fixed the lighting, and redid the concourses!