Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cal Bears Stadium

For the 2011 season, the Cal Bears have been playing at the Giants' AT&T Park. The reason for this is, one, they're renovating their own stadium. And two, it is the only professional stadium not currently in use. Since 1923, Memorial Stadium hasn't been renovated. It's stood the same, for nearly 90 years. They finally decided to make minor updates and turn this...
Into this.
The first part of the renovation was to redo the student facilities and locker rooms. Next, they redid both endzones, and pressbox side. The west side was completely demolished, except for the outer wall and redone. Also, they put expansion joints on earthquake safe blocks because in 1923, they built the stadium on a fault line... But it's all good and it's a nice renovation to one of those old Pac 10 stadiums you see in California.

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