Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Baylor Plans?

A few weeks ago, Baylor announced the plans of building a new on-campus state of the art football stadium. The stadium will replace Floyd Casey Stadium. Floyd Casey is off campus, and one of the smaller ones in the Big 12 at 50,000 seats. This whole thing was being led by head coach Art Briles, who wants the hot Bears to have an on campus stadium so their students can be closer to games.

A few things. The open ended stadium will have a view of the river, and campus. There will be a pedestrian bridge from Baylor, across the river to land that the University purchased from the city of Waco. Pedestrian bridges are great, any Titans fans would know. You park once at a major location(ie Baylor, Nashville), and walk to the stadium. After the game, you walk back, without having to move your car.

Lastly, it will be roof, which very few teams have. But some shade in September in the middle of Texas isn't a bad thing.

Populous does the best work on stadiums, no denying that.

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