Friday, April 2, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Turner Field

Team: Atlanta Braves
Location: Atlanta, GA
League: Major League Baseball(NL)
Built: 1996
Capacity: 50,096
My event: Regular season game, vs Philadelphia Phillies

1. Outdoor Design
Built for the Olympics, this was one of the better stadiums I've seen. A basic 90s ballpark made of brick.

2. Indoor Design

So very cool. Behind the scoreboard, there was a big plaza with the team shop, a kids park, bands, and other fun stuff. There was stuff all along the inside part under the seats.

3. Prices
I'm use to cheap Tropicana field tickets, so this was a little pricey. We sat first row, upper deck, on the first base side. It cost(I think) about 20 dollars. But on the lower part, it's up there in price.

4. Food
Meh, average ballpark foods. Got your hotdogs, burgers, ect.

5. Staff
From what I remember, the staff was pretty good. The mascot was fun, and the people checking tickets were too.

6. Cleanliness
No problems at Turner.

7. Parking
Before Turner, the Braves played at Fulton County Stadium, which was right next door. When they finished Turner, they demolished it, leaving a HUGE parking lot.

8. Atmosphere

The game I went to was a big division rivalry with the Phillies. It was a FOX Saturday game too, so that added to it. Everyone stayed till the very end, where we saw the Braves beat the Phillies on a walk-off single. A lot better than what I'm use to in Tampa

9. Playing Surface.
It was amazing. The crew got it clean fast, and it was mowed fantastically.

10. Scoreboard

It was huge, and HD. Very nice.

New high score! A score of 80/100 is what Turner Field receives. It'll be hard to beat.

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