Thursday, October 13, 2011

2005 New Orleans Saints

So I was on the Chris Creamer boards, looking at the "Best football fields" thread. This guy posted some oddities at LSU's Tiger Stadium. One of them, was this gem of the New Orleans Saints playing there after Hurricane Katrina.

I remember they did this. One of the 4 games they played there was against the Bucs. I remember, actually we were driving home somewhere going through St. Pete on the highway that passes the Trop. The announcer said  something to the effect of, "If anyone wants to come watch a game, there are a lot of seats left at Tiger Stadium." Obviously the stadium wouldn't be to capacity, and just now I'm seeing a picture of it. Well, in that game they're either playing Carolina or Miami. You can't make out details but it's an all light uniform set, and Chicago and the Bucs wear navy and pewter.

The team had 3 regular season home stadiums. The hurricane came the week after a preseason game at the Superdome vs the Ravens. But still recovering, in week 2 they played the Giants at the Meadowlands. Week 4 and 6, they played Buffalo and Atlanta at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The next 4 home games were at Tiger Stadium, then they rounded the season out back in San Antonio against Detroit.

Then they fixed the Superdome, and it still looks like a dump.

But there is your history lesson everybody!

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