Friday, June 15, 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 Stadiums

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You may or may not know the "second" biggest soccer tournament in the world is going on in Poland and Ukraine. The European championship has 16 of the best teams in Europe the world playing in a tournament to decide the best team on the continent. The games have to be played some where!

National Stadium | Warsaw, Poland
This stadium was built specifically for the tournament, and be the new national stadium in the Polish capital. The stadium can hold 56,070 people. It will host 3 Group A matches(including the opening, a quarterfinal, and semifinal match.

 PGE Arena | Gdansk, Poland
Another stadium built specifically for the tournament, and can hold 31,150 people. 3 Group C matches, and 1 quarterfinal match will be hosted there.

Municipal Stadium | Wroclaw, Poland
Another stadium built specifically for the tournament, and can hold 40k people. 3 matches from Group A will be played here.

Municipal Stadium | Poznan, Poland
This stadium was reconstructed, after being built in 1968, and is the home ground to Lech Poznan in the Ekstraklasa soccer league in Poland. It can hold 39,550 and will host 3 matches from group C.

Olympic Stadium | Kiev, Ukraine
The stadium that will host the final match in the Ukrainian capital was reconstructed  completely, and was originally built in 1923. The capacity is 64,640 and will host 3 matches in group D, 1 quarterfinal match, and the final.

Donbass Arena | Donetsk, Ukraine
Another new stadium for the tournament will host 3 matches in group D, a quarter and semi final. 49,400 people can fit inside the stadium. The Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk will call the ground home, replacing Shakhtar Stadium, which was built in 1936.

Metalist Stadium | Kharkiv, Ukraine
A reconstructed stadium close to the Russian border, that will host 37,750 people and 3 Group B matches. It was recently renovated and first constructed in 1926.  The stadium was  named Dzerzhynets Stadium, after a head of soviet security until being renamed in 1967.

Arena Lviv | Lviv, Ukraine
The smallest arena was built specifically for the tournament. It can hold 32,990 people, and teams playing in group B. FC Karpaty Lviv will call this their home for years to come

Hope you liked this post, and enjoy the soccer!

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