Friday, September 14, 2012

Stadium Report Card: Doak Campbell Stadium

Team: Florida State Seminoles Footbal
Location: Tallahasseee, FL
League: Atlantic Coast Conference
Built: 1950(renovated a bunch)
Capacity: 82,300
My event: Regular Season Game vs Murray State

1. Outdoor Design

The stadium is massive. The entire outside is made with brick, with different sections on each endzone where the Athletic Department, movie department and financial aid all are. But as far as sports looks, it's a classic old intimidating stadium  9/10

2. Indoor Design

The inside is massive. Normally when you go inside a stadium, it seems more cozy and smaller than you would thing. The Doak is gigantic. A huge bowl with tall press boxes. The student section is in the north, with the band in the south. 8/10

3. Prices
Students get in free, but to bring a guest is 40 bucks. Then, for bigger games like Clemson coming up, it's more. I gave this a 5, just because I know it's worse in other places, but it's premier college football. 5/10

4. Food
Typical stadium food. They had stuff set up, like ChickFilA, but nothing crazy. 6/10

5. Staff
The staff is good! they get you in as fast as they can, and are pretty lenient. There's no regulation where students can sit, but they keep a watchful eye.  7/10

6. Cleanliness
Very clean. The only things I see are left from people during the game. 7/10

7. Parking
They have a few big lots and parking garages near the stadium, but really, more people end up going than the available spots. I walk to the stadium, which is about a mile, but parking is generally bad up here to begin with. 6/10

8. Atmosphere
I've been to all sorts of games. But I can honestly say the college football atmosphere here is the best ever. Nothing is like looking around, and seeing 80,000 people do the tomahawk chop. The constant yelling, and Chief Osceola planting the flaming spear in the ground make this the best. 10/10

9. Playing Surface

It is always well kept! Even when the horse goes, people are there to pick up. The field art is great too. 8/10

10. Scoreboard

Just a small scoreboard that gets the job done on the north endzone. Not bad. 7/10

So that's a 73! The parking and prices brought it down the most, but I love going here. I'm gonna go to the Wake game tomorrow. Then in a few weeks, my dad and I are going to Raleigh when FSU plays NC State. 

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