Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big things in Brooklyn

So the Nets opened up their shiny new home in central Brooklyn this past week. The team was supposed to play the Knicks, but Hurricane Sandy came through and pushed back the home opener to the Minnesota game tomorrow. The team has played a few preseason games, but nothing that counts
The arena has a weathered rust look, which I heard was actually stronger than a non weathered one due to the layers of metal(or something). I kind of think it's ugly, but it's a modern ugly. Also I love Brooklyn, so it's fine. All these scoreboards take up the nooks and cranies of the stadium.
BUT THATS NOT IT. The Islanders announced plans to move to Brooklyn in 2014. They figure, since their arena in Uniondale isn't good, moving to a place where current fans could still go is better than shipping to Seattle, or Kansas City. They didn't build the arena to fit hockey, so it'll be a bit weird. But this stadium will be a landmark in Brooklyn soon enough, and it looks way cooler than MSG. If anyone is in Brooklyn and goes to a game, feel free to do a report card. I would love to hear about it.

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