Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Metrodome

Here's a segway to my next post... Our resident Minnesotan TC comes up again.

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Location: Minneapolis, MN
League: NFC North
Built: 1982
Capacity: 64,111
My event: Regular season game, vs Dallas Cowboys

1. Outdoor Design

It looks like crap. It's just dirty, old cement. While the roof was still up, you could see that it was on it's last legs. Certain panels were beginning to bulge out and it was starting to look deformed. Just a really boring and uninspiring place.

2. Indoor Design

Equally crappy. The only thing I like about it it the fact that everything is symmetrical. Otherwise it's just blue seats and more dirty cement.

3. Prices
Prices are just average, maybe a bit better than most NFL stadiums.

4. Food
Again, more averageness. Burgers, hot dogs, brats, etc. Tastes fine.

5. Staff
. Everyone is helpful, and more than happy to escort the occasional drunk fan. Can't complain with any of them.

6. Cleanliness
Not really all that clean. Dirty cement that they try to look nice by buffing it out and polishing it. But there are always muslims sweeping up the concourses, constantly, never seen anything like it.

7. Parking
There are plenty of lots around the stadium, but kind of spendy. Getting in is easy, getting out is a nightmare. We literally waited 45 minutes to get out of the lot.

8. Atmosphere
It's incredible, really I can't describe it. They crank up the music to unnecessarily high levels and the crowd's just into it the whole game. It makes up for how crappy the building is. Dome field advantage right there.

9. Playing Surface.

They just got new turf this year, so it looks better than past years where you could see more wear around where the infield used to be when the Twins played. Just a pretty average looking field.

10. Scoreboard

don't know if it actually qualifies as a scoreboard. There's like this videoboard that's barely bigger than the TV in my living room, and the scoreboard is the same size, but in plain yellow light bulbs. Really professional, eh? There were ribbon boards installed along the edge of the upper deck a few years back, and they look nice. But still...

TC Counted... 54. Ouch. Well, luckily he went to a game before the accident. I'm sure it would be worse now.


  1. Of what relevance is the religious beliefs of the cleaning staff? Utterly unnecesary remark that makes you sound a bit of a xenophobe. I like your site, but that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

  2. Ah, my friend from Minnesota did this report card. Sorry if he offended anyone.