Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: US Cellular Field

Bmac continues with his roadtrip a summer ago.

Team: Chicago White Sox
Location: Chicago, IL
League: AL Central
Built: 1991
Capacity: 47,098
My event: Regular season game, vs Cleveland Indians

1. Outdoor Design

It has a unique look from the outside, but nothing too great. It follows a modern/retro mix that offers a unique look.

2. Indoor Design

There are a few unique aspects such as the scoreboard, but overall, it is very basic. The outfield area is very nice. There are interesting statues and pieces of history scattered about that provide a nice feeling of tradition.

3. Prices
Just about average for an MLB park.

4. Food
Most of the food could be found at any old park. They did have some unique food though. Nothing too great.

5. Staff
Perhaps it was because I was wearing a Twins hat, but everyone seemed…the opposite of friendly. No one helped out or spoke much, it seemed a little unwelcoming.

6. Cleanliness
About what you would expect.

7. Parking
There is tons of parking around the stadium, lots right outside. They were fairly priced.

8. Atmosphere
The only time I even noticed there was a crowd was when the White Sox homered. The rest of the time, is was almost silent, the only noise coming from the PA system. Music was played during every pause in the action. It was not exciting at all.

9. Playing Surface.
It seemed fine, but appeared to be a little worn out. It did have a cool pattern though.

10. Scoreboard

The famous scoreboard was cool, but the graphics quality wasn’t too great.

So that's a 66. Things like the Staff and Atmosphere did bring it down a lot to the level of the Trop, and Rogers Centre.

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