Saturday, April 9, 2011

London's New Digs

If you don't know, the city of London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. That means, new things! Yay! The main feature is the 80,000 seat stadium hosting the Track and Field events, opening, and closing ceremonies. The London Olympic Stadium.

That picture is old. They actually completed it when I was in town. They even had a foiled terrorist attack on it. But with a few cleaning supplies, lights, and Christmas spirit, this is what it will look like next summer.

The break down is simple. Field, lower deck, box seats, upper deck, outside design, arches. Easy.

They are not just opining the main focal point of the games. There will be 6 new stadiums in "The Olympic Zone". The Olympic Zone will encompass all of the facilities within the 500 acre Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. This park was developed on existing waste and industrial land. It will include an Aquatics Center...

Basketball arena...

Handball Arena, Cycling Center...

Field Hockey, and finally the Olympic Stadium.

Thats quite a bit of money, but it's cool, so it is worth it. Enjoy it, Brits.

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