Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Oval

So the place I stayed while in London had one stadium, and it wasn't even soccer! Reffering to the map in the last post, I was in LA(or Lambeth). No stadium, but there was a cricket ground two blocks away from the apartment. One day I walked around it, and got the picture above.

The stadium was built in 1845(Woah), which the right side of the picture above is from. The old brick foundation dates back to that time, which is pretty remarkable.

But the left side of the second picture was built after the 2002 season, which increased the stadium size to 23,000. That actually makes sense, because I was confused about the dramatic architectural difference while walking around.

I honestly didn't see another stadium. I saw lights to one in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I don't know what that was to.

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