Friday, May 20, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Amway Center

Our friend Nick offered to do some Report Cards, for the Amway Center, Citi Field, and Shea Stadium

Team: Orlando Magic
Location: Orlando, FL
League: National Basketball Association(Eastern Conference)
Built: 2010
Capacity: 18,846
My event: Regular Season game, Los Angeles Clippers

1. Outdoor Design

The outside is amazing. A portion of the outside by the main entrance is made of glass. Still nice looking though. It is so much bigger that Amway Arena and so much nicer looking even if it is new and it adds spark to Downtown.

2. Indoor Design

Can you say jaw dropping. The concourses are very nice and include paintings of current and former players. The arena itself really has the feel of the team with the seats all in the team colors and the O-Zone located in the upper level. The view is incredible and I have not seen anything better this so far in my sporting ventures.

3. Prices
The prices were a little more expensive than your average NBA ticket but still fair. My seat was $50 and we were in the lower rows of the upper bowl which was still a great seat.

4. Food
A variety of choices. Your traditional Hot Dogs, popcorn and burgers, and Papa John’s Pizza. There are other choices on the different levels of the arena from tacos to Chinese pan noodles to what they call a Magic Burger and even Deli Sandwiches. It all seems good.

5. Staff
Staff was very friendly and out-going. One staff member was a friend of mine from high school. The staff members always had a smile on their face and had no problem helping fans.

6. Cleanliness
No problems here considering it is a brand new arena. I don’t see cleanliness being an issue here but we will see over time.

7. Parking
Downtown Orlando has many lots within walking distance and there is also a lot attached to Amway. It’s $20 for that garage and $10 for the others so we parked within walking distance. Getting in was no problem but getting out was a pain.

8. Atmosphere
I can never question the loyalty of Magic fans. They were into the game from start to finish even early when the Clippers were controlling the game. The fans rallied the team and Orlando ruled the 2nd half to win. The fans in Orlando love this team.

9. Playing Surface
Very nice design on the floor surface and no issues occurred with it.

10. Scoreboard

The tallest scoreboard in NBA history and one of the nicest I have ever seen. This thing is huge. It has more than 10 screens and all of them provide crystal clear quality on replays, scores, etc.

That would be an 83! Very nice score for a very nice stadium. Up there with Wembley Stadium.


  1. I noticed an error. I meant to say a portion of the outside by the main entrance is made of glass. Still nice looking though.