Sunday, June 12, 2011

MLB Summer Tour: Turner Field

Name: Demetrius
Team: Atlanta Braves
Stadium:Turner Field

How many times a year do you make it to a game?:At least 10, and it's mostly the Sunday games. Nothing like day baseball, no matter where you are.

What is your favorite part of the ballpark?:
Probably the Hank Aaron statue that is just inside of the park. Having a statue of the Home Run King not only in the ballpark but prominently featured is a shining beacon for the club & just knowing that it's there & I can go look at it for every visit gives me a sense of pride as a Braves fan.

What makes the games special?:
Two words: Tomahawk Chop. Some may think it's racist, some may think it's monotonous, some may think it's lame and a direct rip-off of the FSU warchant...but when 50,000 people are standing in unison & doing it (without a PA system prompting them to do so), it's an unbeatable experience for a baseball fan in this town.

Favorite memory at the stadium?:
Definitely when I got to go to Bobby Cox's final regular season series against the Phillies. Every game I had standing room only tickets, which basically meant that I had to hang from any rafter you could think of just to get a good view of the game. I almost ended up in the Phillies' bullpen for one of the games. But all of the craziness of trying to find some sort of suitable viewing place was well worth it. The Braves won the Sunday game to clinch their first playoff spot in 5 years, and Bobby Cox received one of the loudest ovations I've ever heard. Crazy times.

Picture of you:
(Got none that's relatively current, nor of me at the stadium. I'm lame.)

Instead, here is a picture of Me at Turner Field!

Off to St. Louis!

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