Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Caesar's Palace

Yes, you're seeing that right. During the 1991 NHL Preseason, the Kings and Rangers faceoff'd at an outdoor rink at Ceasar's Palace. The Las Vegas strip provided the background for the first ever NHL exhibition game to be held outdoors. The Kings and the Rangers battled under the lights outside Caesars Palace - the first hockey game played in Las Vegas since 1968 - in mid-80 degree temperatures. The game drew a crowd of 13,000, most of whom wore shorts and t-shirts to take it all in.

I finally found pictures of this event, and that's why I'm showing you all. It all started with me posting my concept for a winter classic in Tampa, and people started discussing this. I knew about this, but I hadn't seen pictures. They had trouble with the ice cooling system, and had to slightly raise the temperature, and had to put water down and freeze it regularly.

But it wasn't the first event hosted at Caesar's Palace.
In 1981 and 1982, F1's American Grand Prix was on a circuit at the parking lot of the casino. Drivers hated the course because of the desert hear, and has been described as one of the worst F1 courses in history.

So that's just some quick history of Las Vegas's Caesars Palace sporting events. O fcourse they've had boxing and poker, but these are much cooler.

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