Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Brighthouse Field

Team: Clearwater Threshers
Location: Clearwater, FL
League: Florida State League(North)
Built: 2004
Capacity: 8,500
My event: Regular season game, vs Charlotte Stone Crabs

1. Outdoor Design
Seen above, there is a classy look about the stadium. All the buildings are a cool sandy colour. But thats really it, and pretty basic.

2. Indoor Design

Pretty neat for a minor league park. They have a hill behind left and right fields, with a bullpen snuggled in between the bar and the hill.

3. Prices
4 dollars can get you a hill ticket, which you can sit in the stands. BAM easy.

4. Food

Normal ballpark food, but with an added branch of locals restaurants. Philly Cheese steaks here are seriously the best.

5. Staff
Really nice to the fans, and will talk to you in a nice way.

6. Cleanliness

7. Parking
Parking down the sides with foul lines. One is a big lot shared with a plaza. The other is a few grassy lots. Thought parking could cost more than tickets.

8. Atmosphere
Pretty good atmosphere on a good night. The Rays' farm team was in town last game, and the fans cheered for local hero Rocco Baldelli when he batted. Mini games going on in between innings, and kids running on the hill. Though, for most games, it's pretty meh.

9. Playing Surface.
The field is always well maintained with patterns. I love it.

10. Scoreboard

Just pretty basic for a minor league park.

75 out of 100. It really is a nice place to see a ballgame, despite what I say. It may be me being jaded from a bunch of games.

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