Friday, July 16, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Centre Bell

I went to a game in late 2008, and I'm not going to Montreal anytime soon, so here's what I thought based on memory

Team: Montreal Canadiens
Location: Montreal, QC
League: National Hockey League (NE)
Built: 1996
Capacity: 21,273
My event: Regular season game, vs New York Islanders

1. Outdoor Design
As you can see above, It's kid of basic. It was just built in a small space in the middle of the city. The stadium was built connected to a subway(?) station, and underground Montreal. That alone is neat.

2. Indoor Design
Normal stadiums have 3 different levels, Centre Bell had 4! I sat in the farthest seat you could in the very back. Very high up.

3. Prices
When ESPN ranked the 122 teams in the 4 major sports, one criteria was Affordability, and Bang for your buck. THe Habs finished 109, and 108 in both of those categories.

4. Food
From what I remember, it was pretty basic food for an arena.

5. Staff
The staff spoke both French, and English, which helped a lot.

6. Cleanliness
It wasn't bad, and pretty clean. The whole city was fairly clean too.

7. Parking
I stayed at a hotel in downtown Montreal, so we walked. But walking up there wasn't any big lot, just tiny small ones that were expensive.

8. Atmosphere
Best atmosphere I've experienced. The chanting, and partying was one of a kind.

9. Playing Surface.
It was nice. They had it all prettied up for the 100th anniversary of the team, so that was cool.

10. Scoreboard

I like it. Clean simple, and affective.

When I went, they had to take my friend's camera, because it was too big. So I have no picture of me at the game. All these pics were found online. From my calculations, Centre Bell recieved a rating of 73/100.

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