Friday, July 2, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Target Field

My bud up in Minnesota gave his honest opinion on Target Field, lets see how it did.

Team: Minnesota Twins
Location: Minneapolis, MN
League: Major League Baseball(AL)
Built: 2010
Capacity: 41,000
My event: Regular season game, vs Tampa Bay Rays

1. Outdoor Design
I think the limestone looks great, the glass panels and huge canopy give it a modern look that set it apart from recently opened stadiums

2. Indoor Design
alright i gave it a 9, everything looks nice, limestone and brushed metal railings add character to the park, but i like things to be symmetrical, and with the cramped quarters in downtown minneapolis, that can't be achieved.

3. Prices
prices are a little higher than the dome, but still pretty average for a sporting event

4. Food
They have absolutely everything. all the ballpark classics, plus well-known fast food and restaurants have stands at target field. they really emphasized minnesota foods too, state fair favorites like pork chops on a stick, and things like walleye and wild rice soup. Kent Hrbek even has a restaurant named after him inside the park

5. Staff
I suspect everyone is happy because of the new stadium, so this might be a little skewed. in the 3 trips i've been to target field so far, i've never seen a staff member without a smile on their face. i've made small talk with a lot of them, and the lady that checks tickets at our section recognized me, made it seem like everyone was family.

6. Cleanliness
Again this is probably skewed because the park is still too new to be wrecked by fans. the concourses were clean as a whistle, but the isles and steps had your typical beer spills, peanut shells, and hot dog wrappers

7. Parking
there are three large parking ramps all within easy walking distance from the park, as well as seperate lots that charge a couple bucks more. the ramps were relatively cheap, i think they were around $5, and getting in and out was simple.

8. Atmosphere
Obviously this is also jacked up because of the new field. the dome was a boring crap hole unless it was an important game, but with the sellout crowds every game at target field, it's always electric. everyone's coming out to celebrate the return of outdoor baseball in Minnesota

9. Playing Surface.
They keep it nice and neat looking, typical grass patterns and groomed infield. i did noticed that they spent an extraordinary ammount of time raking the infield. went over it twice with the little tractor, then some guys drug it by hand, then some guys went through and raked it all. too much work if you ask me

10. Scoreboard

Target field's video board is the 7th largest in the world, and its in hd. plus its brand spanking new so it uses the best technology available. you could be sitting anywhere in the stadium and it feels like its right in your face. there is also a big out of town scoreboard set into the right field wall.

A total of 85 points, and Target Field takes over the top spot. Widely regarded as the best new park in the country, it will be hard to beat.

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