Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: St. Pete TImes Forum

Team: Tampa Bay Lightning
Location: Tampa Bay, FL
League: National Hockey League(SE)
Built: 1996
Capacity: 19,758
My event: Regular season game, vs Washington Capitals

1. Outdoor Design
I think it's beautiful. Look above for a reference. On the other side, there is a big open fan plaza. I honestly cannot complain

2. Indoor Design
I think this was good for an arena. Big lower bowl, pretty big middle section, and an upper deck that has great views.

3. Prices
Prices are... decent. I mean, there is low prices on the upper deck, but lower bowl prices are shaky. So is merchandise.

4. Food

Quick, name a food. Well, they'd have it here. Above is just a picture I took of variety. I thought it was kinda funny. It's also pretty good, too.

5. Staff
No real problems actually.

6. Cleanliness
There was some trash on the floor from people who sat in our seats for the warm ups.

7. Parking
Parking is one place that is lacking. You have to walk about 3 blocks to the arena from where we park. It is downtown, so there really isn't any major lot.

8. Atmosphere
Tampa Bay is 21st of 30 in attendance last season. It was pretty decent when I went to a Bruins-Bolts game around Christmas.

9. Playing Surface.

It was well manicured during breaks, so thats cool. The best part is little lightning bolts in the red line.

10. Scoreboard

Coolest jumbotron ever. It is complete 360 degrees around. It can look like this^ or be 4 different images.

Overall 75, which puts it mid pack. Top rank of the two arenas in the list.

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  1. The outside of the building is beautiful! It looks like a nice venue.