Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Busch Stadium

Bmac emailed me a report card for his trip to St. Louis!

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: St. Louis, MO
League: NL Central
Built: 2006
Capacity: 43,975
My event: Regular season game, vs San Francisco Giants

1. Outdoor Design

It is absolutely beautiful. Easily one of the best outdoor designs I have ever seen. And it fits in with the city so well. A nice brick layout all around.

2. Indoor Design

The view from inside is pretty awesome. The ballpark itself it great and the St. Louis Arch in the background looks pretty cool. The stadium is laid out nicely as well, nice concourses and everything.

3. Prices
Not too bad, fairly priced, compared to other MLB parks.

4. Food
They had some good food, but nothing too exciting that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Which seems to be the case at a lot of ballparks.

5. Staff
The people working there were some of the nicest people I have ever met at a ballpark. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

6. Cleanliness
It was nice, but nothing too great.

7. Parking
There was a lot of parking around the stadium, and lots scattered around the city within simple walking distance.

8. Atmosphere
It was nice, everyone was into the game. The fans weren’t overly noisy, but they cheered on the Cardinals often. They're often called the best fans in baseball for a reason.

9. Playing Surface.

About average for an outdoor field. Nice, crisp lines, as seen above.

10. Scoreboard

Good size, nice graphics. I didn’t have a great view of it, but it looked pretty nice.

77! Thats one of the lower MLB stadiums so far. I think it's right around this range, but who know, It's really nice from the pics I've seen. He still is going to do more reports from his MLB trip for us to enjoy.

I'll get a story on the new Penguins arena up this week too.

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