Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silverdome to go Topless?

The Silverdome was sold last year for under 600,000 dollars, purchased by Steve Apostolopoulos of Triple Sports and Entertainment, and he has some radical ideas for the ol' dome. They would tear off the Silverdome's air-supported roof and divide the place horizontally into two levels with a new floor across what is now the middle deck. Atop this would sit an outdoor soccer field with less than half the current seats. Below it would be smaller spaces for basketball and hockey games or other events.

It's difficult to imagine, but maybe this will help. If you have a ticket in the front row of the upper deck, with this proposed layout, you could lean over the railing and get an autograph, or catch a player doing a "Lambeau Leap."

The main goal is to attract an MLS team to Detroit. It could work, I'd love to see them pull off the renovations to the dome.

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