Monday, August 30, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Jones AT&T Stadium

Our good friend TC went to a Texas Tech game last season, and he said he could do a report card for us.

Team: Texas Tech Football
Location: Lubbock, TX
League: Big Twelve(South)
Built: 1947
Capacity: 60,454
My event: Regular season game, vs North Dakota Fighting Sioux

1. Outdoor Design

1. I like the new entrance they built, but other than that it was pretty normal. Every thing was laid out nicely, and tan bricks gave it a western vibe, at least to me.

2. Indoor Design

The stadium is laid out like a bowl, with the end zone sides cut out of it. On one side they had suites and all that good stuff, and on the other side was a taller section of seats for students. There were large concourses that ran around the stadium, but if you wanted to get food you had to go underneath the stands, blocking your view of the field.

3. Prices
The prices were actually pretty cheap compared to other sporting events I've been to.

4. Food
The food wasn't anything special at all, anything you bought there can be found at any stadium in the country. I had nachos that were exceptional though

5. Staff
Holy crap, those people were nice! It was probably because I was wearing a Sioux shirt, but still. They were so friendly. Probably the nicest staff of any stadium I've been to.

6. Cleanliness
The place was really clean, but it was the opening game of the season.

7. Parking
There was a lot of parking around the stadium, and lots scattered around the city within simple walking distance.

8. Atmosphere
The atmosphere was great. The fans were all really into it, with creative chants and all that good stuff you get at college games. Football in Texas, there's nothing like it.

9. Playing Surface.

I really like the field they have. The turf is more like one shade of green instead of splotches of different shades of green like you see at some stadiums. The black colored end zones really popped, so did the midfield logo. Sidenote, they installed a new FieldTurf field in 2006.

10. Scoreboard

They have a main scoreboard that is in the shape of the double T logo, which is pretty unique. On the opposite side of the field they had a small video board dubbed "Raider Vision". It wasn't flashy or anything, but it got the job done.

Overall I really liked the place. I liked the vibe it gave off. Lubbock is a really cool town with nice people.

So TC gave this a 72, which I kind of agree by seeing the pictures. He's said that he could do TCF Bank Stadium, the Metrodome, Xcel Energy Arena, and the Ft. Myers Miracle stadium.

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