Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: NewBridge Bank Park

I just got back today, and here is just one of the couple posts to share!

Team: Greensboro Grasshoppers
Location: Greensboro, NC
League: South Atlantic League(Northern)
Built: 2005
Capacity: 7,499
My event: Regular season game, vs Hickory Crawdads

1. Outdoor Design

A simple brick layout all the way around, but nothing crazy.

2. Indoor Design

It was kind of simple, and a lot like the park in Clearwater. There was a bar in the left field corner, and also a berm. A playground was located in right field. Also the view was nice.

3. Prices
Pretty basic, cheap to get in for certain seats. The night we went, hot dogs and drinks were just a dollar. That happens every Monday

4. Food
Simple ballpark food, nothing crazy.

5. Staff
Staff was pretty cool and nice. The guy that ran the games defiantly got the crowd into it.

6. Cleanliness
No complaints, pretty clean as a whole.

7. Parking
The parking was really close. There were entrances and exits right there. It was easy to get out once the Grasshoppers lost.

8. Atmosphere
The guy that did the little games with the crowd got everyone into the game. It was a lot of fun to go to and watch the games.

9. Playing Surface.
Real nice checker pattern, and the infield was sweet.

10. Scoreboard

I thought it was clean and good for a minor league park. It was pretty funny cause they'd try to get into the other player's head's. When a Cradads player's name was Jared, BAM Jared from Subway would be their picture. They also got a player named west(Adam West), and the last name Prince(Prince, obviously.

70/100 is a good score. Right in the middle. I have a few more posts to make!

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