Monday, August 16, 2010

The Story of Bowman Gray Stadium

Bowman Gray Stadium is a race track in Winston-Salem, NC. It's a race car track? So what? Well actually there is a deeper story.

Bowman Gray has a track along the grandstands, but on the inside is a big field. Wake Forest football played at the stadium until 1968. The first NASCAR-sanctioned event took place on May 18, 1949 and was won by Fonty Flock. It hosted Nascar top series events from 1958 until 1971.

Now, it is home to "NASCAR's longest running weekly race track". Every week, in season they have multiple series race here. The main event is the Whelen Modified series. The series was featured on History Channel's "Madhouse" show. It followed some of the top drivers around for a season.

It was really fun to go to. It was like a mini Nascar event. Everyone had their favorites, and rivals. T-shirts of weekly drivers were all around. Every time Burt Myers, the points leader, would drive by he'd have the bird shot at him from every direction. It even had the old veteran, basically a Dale Earnhardt. A 15 time champion in Junior Miller.

If you're into racing, I advise checking out Madhouse, just to see what I'm talking about. It's the south at it's finest.

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