Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Team: Durham Bulls
Location: Durham, NC
League: International League(South)
Built: 1995
Capacity: 10,000
My event: Regular season game, vs Indianapolis Indians

1. Outdoor Design

Just a simple brick layout, then had places like above.

2. Indoor Design

Beautiful. 2 modern office buildings located in the outfield really brought it together. But there was still other things. The "blue monster" is a tall wall in left field, then a playground, lawn seating, and a bar just made it epic.

3. Prices
It was alright. Simple seats under 10 dollars, and a discount that day for students.

4. Food
Ballpark food, ballpark food everywhere.

5. Staff
They were pretty nice. They let us roam without any objections. One offered to take My dad, and I's picture.

6. Cleanliness
It was really clean, I thought. There were trashcans, and recycling cans at every section opening.

7. Parking
We parked in a parking building behind the left field building, but if we didn't leave in the 8th getting off the third floor would be terrible.

8. AtmosphereIt really was great, I thought it was better than the Rays. The thing is, there wasn't any announcer or fun noises that got me into the whole thing. It could've been a 5!

9. Playing Surface.
See below for the surface, it was nice.

10. Scoreboard

It's there in the middle of the "blue monster" It's pretty basic, nothing special though.

I gave Durham Bulls Athletic Park a healthy 74. It was deffinatly the best park I visited on the trip. I wasn't expecting much, just because I've never been inside before. But it really was nice. I'd go if you're up there and like baseball.

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