Sunday, August 29, 2010

The mess that is New Marlins Ballpark

Awesome! the Marlins are getting a new ballpark! Since 1993, their first season, they've been playing at Dolphin stadium, a converted NFL stadium.

Too bad they went overboard.

It really looks great on the outside, theres no denying that. They just went crazy with little things. They did a lot to tie into the city with latina colours, and design. But the thing is, the team is dropping teal and going black and orange, so its kinda unnecessary.

The owner approved this monstrosity. A big piece of art that moves when a home run is hit. To me, it seems ugly.

But there is more! an aquarium will be located behind home plate for everyone to enjoy!

Also the letters from the Miami Orange Bowl will be put at the main entrance, and depending on where you are, it says different words are something.

But it is an improvement over the current ballpark, no matter how gaudy it is.

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