Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Dunedin Stadium

Team: Dunedin Blue Jays
Location: Dunedin, FL
League: Florida State League(North)
Built: 1990
Capacity: 5,510
My event: Regular season game, vs Ft. Myers Miracle

1. Outdoor Design
Above shows it all, it's just kind of an older minor league park all the way around.

2. Indoor Design

Pretty much the same from the inside. Just kind of basic, but thats all you really need. The building you see is a hotel for players, and that I thought was cool

3. Prices
Not bad really, 6 dollars can let you sit anywhere your heart desired.

4. Food
The food here is really good, it I think. They have a long list of food with lots of variety.

5. Staff
The staff was pretty cool too. They were nice when we talked, and one of my buddies got asked to do a contest. Shout out to Astrobull from the boards, who I met there. He works in the press box.

6. Cleanliness
Fairly clean, not like SUPERSUPER clean, but not dirty.

7. Parking
There was a smaller lot right infront of the stadium, where I parked. Not far away, and free.

8. Atmosphere

As you can see from the pictures, not a lot of people show up to regular games. They host spring training games, where it is filled, but that only lasts a month.

9. Playing Surface.
I actually think the surface is really good. It seems well maintained.

10. Scoreboard

Again, really basic. It showed the box score, and stats. Nothing special though.

61 out of 100 is the score, and happens to be one of the lowest. I think the thing is that with Clearwater having a team close by, with fancy logos, and a newer stadium, that draws most fans in the area. If they rebranded with a non MLB name, and maybe did something to the stadium the score would defiantly improve.

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