Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rays Stadium Concept

I had this done, just never posted this. I might update it sometime later, but whatever.

As you may, or may not know, the Trop is getting old. The Tampa Bay Rays need a new stadium, soon. Me being a Rays fan, and a drafting 3 student, decided to just see what I could come up with.

Some things that it need is a roof of sometime. Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the world, thus it means rain. If it was open air, rain outs would be all too common. It is also hot as hell some days, and humid. My first idea was a retractable roof. I tried fan designs, like Milwaukee. I tried square designs, like Houston. But I eventually settled on the way Toronto is. The stadium is round with a blocky end where the roof is located above. It would also need to be located in a place that would be accessible by both Tampa and St. Pete. The location I put it in is right off the bridge that connects Tampa to Pinellas county.

Some things I considered is that during dry games, atleast there would be some cover with an overhang over the upper deck, unlike the Rogers Centre. I wanted a non warehouse look, so the outside is covered with brick, also throwing a little tie into the region(many older buildings are brick) In center field, above the batters eye cafe, a large window would be used. Said window would be facing east, so no sun would be shined into the eyes of people. The stadium would close like the Rogers Center from what I've put together. I thought I'd throw another quirk in there by possible having a glass roof(or something with the same effect) to let in some light, and provide a cool view during rain.

The inner bowl, upper deck, and some other things are based off of Tropicana Field. The aqua box would be a touch tank in the same place as Tropicana, and a back wall based off of it too. To the leftof the batters eye cafe is a party deck of some kind. A model of what the deck would be like is in the top right. I'm not sure if I've missed anything, just ask if you have a question

Here is where it'd be located, right in the middle of Pinellas County/North St. Pete. TC asked if it was accurate, and that it looked big. I went on Google Earth, found Tropicana Field, and scrolled to my location, and infact, what I originally had was too BIG. I sized it down, and this should be what it would be like. The stadium would have a plaza(in brown) surrounding it with fun things. The local area would have lots of shops pop up around it too.

Here is a view from the broadcast booth, hypothetically. I did kinda leave some details out, but I had the main jist done.

There is is!

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