Monday, August 16, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Miller Park

Bmac has offered to do five new stadium tours for us! Get excited people!

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Location: Milwaukee, WI
League: Major League Baseball(NL Central)
Built: 2001
Capacity: 41,900
My event: Regular season game, vs New York Mets

1. Outdoor Design

It doesn’t exactly look like a baseball stadium, but it still looks pretty cool. They did a nice job of making the roof fit in with the design. It is a very unique looking building.

2. Indoor Design

It looks really cool inside. The overall look is sweet. The entire outfield is awesome, from the scoreboard area, to the giant windows, to Bernie Brewers Dugout and water slide. The stadium is cool when the roof is open, but kind of dull when it is closed.

3. Prices
The prices were nice for an MLB game. Just about perfect.

4. Food
Miller Park has some cool, unique foods. There are all sorts of variants of your typical ballpark food. You have so many choices, and you can always smother your food in cheese! The sausage selection is great as well.

5. Staff
Everyone was very nice and helpful. No problems with anything.

6. Cleanliness
About what you would expect, only a little cleaner.

7. Parking
The parking was excellent. There are nothing but parking lots around the stadium. You can find a spot fairly easily, and everyone out tailgating is very friendly.

8. AtmosphereIt was pretty cool inside the ballpark. Everyone was into the game, and there was always a good deal of noise. People were pretty excited toward the end of the game when the Brew Crew had a chance to win. And the sausage race gets people on their feet. However, compared to some of the other stadiums, it wasn’t quite as exciting.

9. Playing Surface.
The field looked well kept. They do a good job with it being under a roof.

10. Scoreboard

It was good, and it looked cool. Nice graphics, good quality, and a good size.

And if you total up his scores, that gives you a 84. I think MLB parks are the best stadiums around. These stadiums are all different, and neat in their own way. Oh, and Miller Park got a new scoreboard for this year. Just pointing that out.

Bmac has Wrigley Field, US Cellular Field, Kauffman Stadium, Busch Park, and then Miller Park from a road trip last summer.

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