Monday, August 16, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Five County Stadium

Team: Carolina Mudcats
Location: Zebulon, NC
League: Southern League(North)
Built: 1991, renovated 2000
Capacity: 6,500
My event: Regular season game, vs Chattanooga Lookouts

1. Outdoor Design
From what I saw, there wasn't much of one. It was just kinda normal.

2. Indoor Design

I've never seen this, and there's a good view of it. The upperdeck is tall, and is directly above the lower deck. The lower deck was about 6 rows, and then broke into the concourse. I thought that was really neat. The outfield wall was pretty cool too.

3. Prices
The cheap general admission tickets were just 5 dollars, but the food prices were pretty high for what the quality was.

4. Food
So, I HAD to get a catfish sandwich there. The thing is, it was small and kinda meh.

5. Staff
The guy doing the peanuts was pretty cool I guess just interacting with the crowd. But nothing else stood out to me.

6. Cleanliness
It was clean from everything I saw. So theres a plus.

7. Parking
Parking wasn't free but it was a pretty big lot that was easy to get in and out of.

8. AtmosphereI thought that it was pretty dull, AND THEN

A fight broke out. After that, it was actually really into it. It helped that they were winning.

9. Playing Surface.
As you can see, nice pattern and pretty well done. But the infield was kinda chalky near the grass.

10. Scoreboard

I thought it was pretty cool. there was ads all over, and big.

I went inside in like 2006, just to go to the gift shop to get some swag. Then it looked really awesome. Now that I've been to it, idk I thought it'd be better. 65/100, but still thought it'd be around a 74.

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