Friday, September 10, 2010

The Soap Opera of PGE Park

If you don't know, Portland Timbers will be in the MLS next season. The team was formed in the 70s, and the identity survived after the NASL folded. They were reborn as a "Minor League" team in the USL. The citizens love them. Well PGE Park just quite isn't suitable for a pro soccer team, since the Timbers split it with the AAA team Portland Beavers. But they voted for and will get a renovation to 21,000 seats. Here's a computer mock up below.

But what about the Beavers? Portland's two most storied franchises(Sorry Blazers) must be split a part. In this tale of tragedy, the Beavers are left cold and homeless. As you can see, the new seats will be put in where left field, where the street overlooks the field. You can't play baseball in that! Well, you can, but still! Luckily the Beavers have plans for a new park.

Wait. WHAT? THAT HASN'T BEEN APPROVED?! Awe man. Beavers, this is the end. It's not you, its me. It's been fun. I still love you.

Just for reference, here is what the stadium looks like now. I thought it looked kind of run down from the pictures, and the renovation will help out a lot, so that's cool.

The Beavers played their last game in Portland for the near future on Monday.No word on the Beavers new homes. They were sold, and are still looking for places. The Padres are the affiliate, and theres talks of moving to a suburb of San Diego. But some people are saying a possible move to El Paso, or Tucson. Tucson lost their AAA team a few years ago to Reno, so they have a stadium built already. Not mentioned above, was the Portland State Vikings also played at PGE, and I assume that they will still play on the soccer field.

On an unrelated note, I'll be at the UCF-NC State game saturday night in Orlando, therefore a new report card! I might get TC to do one this weekend too, so I can hook you guys up. Also, the stadium I linked is the LA Coliseum.

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