Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Bright House Network Stadium

Team: University of Central Florida Football
Location: Orlando, FL
League: Conference USA
Built: 2007
Capacity: 45,301
My event: Regular season game, vs NC State Wolfpack

1. Outdoor Design

It has a classic and modern feel at the same time, full metal, with a mix of bricks

2. Indoor Design

It was a bowl style stadium, and it seemed really small from the inside. There was a pressbox are on the west side of the stadium overlooking the field. But the fact all the seats were benches probably brought it to a 3

3. Prices
Our tickets said 40(but we got them for free), but thats average for college games. I did check out the food prices, and they were also average. So they get an average score.

4. Food
I didn't really eat, thanks to the tailgating. But they had the regulars, some hot dogs, nachos, ect.

5. Staff
The staff was pretty nice, especially since I was in NC State gear. Unlike the students, they didn't hold biases.

6. Cleanliness
The whole campus was really clean, and the stadium wasn't any difference. It's a new stadium, so it was expected.

7. Parking
Parking... looked bad. They have 6 parking garages on campus, and the one we were directed to was about, oh say, a mile and a half away. It was cool walking through campus, but its still a trek. Especially parking garage style, you thought it would be a mess, but it wasn't really bad getting out.

8. Atmosphere

It was pretty rocking for a non BCS team. Although, it wasn't sold out, and they were quiet down 3 touchdowns. It still was pretty neat.

9. Playing Surface.

It was fantastic. Natural grass that looked near perfect. The only thing I thought of, would be having a black outline around the gold.

10. Scoreboard

Pretty average. The sound system was kinda crappy. Every third down, they'd play a bell ringing, which was shaky at times, and the PA Announcer didn't know what he was doing. He called NC State... South Dakota at one point.

So that gives it a 68. Not bad, not bad at all. That's a good representation of it.

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