Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friendly Confines Football

On November 20th, Northwestern and Illinois will play at Wrigley Field. The matchup will mark the first college football game at Wrigley Field since 1938, when DePaul University played home games at the ballpark. The contest will be the first football game of any kind at the Friendly Confines since the Chicago Bears last played there in December of 1970. This will be the first time in more than 87 years that Northwestern and Illinois will play at Wrigley Field. On October 27, 1923, the Wildcats and the Illini squared off at the Friendly Confines (then called Cubs Park) in front of 32,000 fans. This year's Northwestern-Illinois game with mark the 104th game between the Big Ten Conference rivals since the two first met in 1892.

The set up will be flipped from what the Bears set up was. The Bears field went towards left field, I remember this because a corner of the endzone was going into the first base dugout.Here are some views of the stadium now. They're prepping by putting grass on the infield, because frankly, infielded football fields are lame(AHEM MIAMI AND OAKALND)
They had to dig down to make a base for the field goals so the posts will be stable.

I like games like these, just for novelty. I'm a fan of the Winter Classic set up, and any bowl game at a baseball stadium. Wrigley has a classic feel, which gives this game a nice old feel. Hopefully they wear throwbacks. Now the Bulls need to get it together and host a game here.

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