Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Raymond James Stadium

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Location: Tampa, FL
League: NFC South
Built: 1998
Capacity: 65,857
My event: Regular season game, vs Carolina Panthers

1. Outdoor Design
As you can see above, it's nothing real special. There is modern architecture along the sides where the club seats are.

2. Indoor Design

It's pretty basic, but there are some cool things. Behind the stands in each endzone are pirate-y village type things with bathrooms and food. Plus, there is a freaking pirate ship.

3. Prices
They're okay. Typical NFL stadium prices. I was actually given a free ticket by my Dad's friend. 99 dollar place value to sit 12 rows from the field.

4. Food
I've always liked the food there, typical food, but they do taste pretty good.

5. Staff
Pretty nice, they were smiling when they checked my ticket... and while patting me down...

6. Cleanliness
I actually noticed how clean it was. Great job.

7. Parking
They had a grassy area behind both endzones, they park 2 cars, then leave space. It was kinda bad getting out though. Well, we got on the street fast, just got caught in traffic.

8. Atmosphere

For a team that has been blacket out a lot, it was pretty fun atmosphere at the game. The whole lower bowl was filled, just the upper decks had open spaces. They did TAMPA
BAAAAY, and then got loud when the pirates on the ship would throw beads and launch shirts.

9. Playing Surface.

Damn, look at that field. And the cheerleaders I guess. The picture was taken in the 4th, so thats why it looks kinda torn up. I loved it, it looked really clean and soft.

10. Scoreboard

They have 2 large scoreboards on each endzone, with scores, ads, and fantasy updates every 15 minutes. Neat.

Nice, a 72. Some more NFL stadiums should have report cards soon. Hang tight.

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