Monday, November 1, 2010

Stadium Report Cards: Kauffman Stadium

Team: Kansas City Royals
Location: Kansas City, MO
League: AL Central
Built: 1973, renovated 2009
Capacity: 40,052
My event: Regular season game, vs Chicago White Sox

1. Outdoor Design
Not too bad, the spiral walking ramps give it a unique look from the home plate side. The outfield area looks incredible from the street. I think it’s one of the cooler looking ballparks around.

2. Indoor Design

It’s actually quite beautiful from the inside. The recent renovations really went a long way. The concourse are great, everything flows well.

3. Prices
Typical prices. Everything is a bit more expensive at the team shop, but that’s what you get at a stadium.

4. Food
It was pretty much your regular ballpark food. They don’t have as much BBQ anymore, but they did add a few new things with the renovations.

5. Staff
Everyone was friendly enough, but nothing too great. Maybe if the Royals ever won a game, they would be a little nicer.

6. Cleanliness
It looked much better than pre-renovation, but it’s still not great.

7. Parking
You can’t go wrong with the huge lots between Kauffman and Arrowhead. They are cheap and right next to the stadiums. The walking distance can be bad if you arrive later and have to park at the very top of the lot.

8. Atmosphere
The fans don’t have much to cheer about, but they do cheer on their team. This is the perfect place to bring kids, it’s a pretty family oriented park. Not too minor league, though.

9. Playing Surface.

Nothing too special. They did a good job with the renovations, it looks a little healthier.

10. Scoreboard

The giant crown scoreboard at the K is awesome. It is HUGE. The graphics are great, too, huge improvement over the old one.

A decent 69. There are a few more ballparks coming soon, and I'll sprinkle in some posts for some readers maybe!

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