Saturday, November 6, 2010

Future(?) NFL Stadiums?

Sup? A while ago, I was looking on, and under future stadiums, there was all these NFL ones. Now armed with a stadium blog, I thought that I could post some of them here. But they're gone! But have no fear! I found them on The first 3 were on there, but apparently they fell through. Which is a shame, the Metrodome, Superdome, and San Diego Stadium are all outdated. Until recently, these team's future was uncertain. The Saints now have a bunch of new fans(that's all I'm saying), but the Vikes and Chargers are still talking about possibly moving. If these went trough, no way they would, but they didn't.

San Diego Chargers

New Orleans Saints(LOVE this one)

Minnesota Vikings

This is what the 49ers want to do. They're unhappy with Candelstick park, and want to build a new stadium in Santa Clara. 58% of the vote went their way, so this looks very possible. The NFL asked if the Raiders would want to share maybe, similar to the Jets/Giants, but I doubt that happens.

San Francisco 49ers

The Kansas City Cheifs want to remodel Arrowhead stadium, similar to the cross-parkinglot Royals

Where would these teams go if they can't land a new stadium? Obviously LA. THis one is very cool, it is connected to a large shopping place, similar to Dubai Sports City. Here is a video of it.

This is new to me. Apparently people wanted to redo the Coliseum, which would be neat. But I'd prefer the one above.

BAM there is the post! I'll think of more to do.

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