Friday, July 15, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Consol Energy Center

Tex from contacted me and offered to do some report cards. He said he could do Pittsburgh's stadiums, and the Horseshoe at Ohio State.

Team: Consol Energy Center
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
League: National Hockey League(Atlantic Division)
Built: 2010
Capacity: 18,087
My event: Regular Season game, New York Rangers

1. Outdoor Design

The CEC has a beautiful, modern glass front and is in a very nice, well kept area of Pittsburgh.

2. Indoor Design

Inside, the concourse is larger than two at the Mellon arena. The open design is a welcome change. Great view almost anywhere, even in the upper bowl, you have a great view of the game. The Mario Mosaic was really cool, and the rest of the arena was very high-tech.

3. Prices
About normal for a hockey game, candy was a rip-off, but other than that pretty average.

4. Food
Great selection of food, from normal stadium food to The Smokehouse, and Primanti Bros. There is a wide variety of choices.

5. Staff
The staff was friendly and helpful, as should be expected.

6. Cleanliness
Extremely clean, inside and out, even the sidewalk outside was very clean. Not one speck of dirt, the cleanest stadium I’ve been to.

7. Parking
It took a long time to find a place to park, and when we got there it wasn‘t cheap. Wish they would put in a parking deck close to the arena.

8. Atmosphere
An incredible atmosphere, very loud and passionate fans. The building shook when the Pens scored, and the chanting for Fleury was great.

9. Playing Surface
By the time I got there, they had fixed all the ice problems, so the ice looked great, and there were no issues.

10. Scoreboard

One of the best scoreboard in the league, HUGE display and phenominal graphics. Provided an excellent look at replays n'at. Awesome screen!

So that gives the Penguin's new arena an 84, up their with the class of the list. Look forward to more report cards soon.

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