Friday, July 15, 2011

Rays Stadium Concept 2

Last year, I made a concept for the Rays' new stadium. I realized how much of an eye sore it was. Here it is.

Part 1. Retractable roof, which is one thing a new stadium would need. This field would have similarities to the Trop. The field is similar shaped. The new Batter's Eye Cafe will be moved back for a party deck. The deck will be the place where the sting ray touch tank is located. The bottom deck will run all the way around, and the upperdeck goes 3/4th of the way around. The part without the deck will be where the scoreboard and video screen would be located. Underneath the right field deck, would be offices for the Rays. The Bullpens won't be on the field anymore. The area with the TB logo would be a rotunda area. The Trop has one now, but in my head, I'm thinking glass all the way up.

Part 2. The stadium from home plate. The batters eye cafe located in center witha party deck and touch tank. The executive offices are located above the right field, lower deck, and under the upperdeck. The glass above the batters eye is glass that shows a view of Tampa Bay

Part 3. The location of the stadium, located in St. Pete, near Gandy Bridge, which would open up the Tampa Market, and shorten the drive by 20 minutes for places in Hillsborough, and North Pinellas. With parking exits connecting to the highways, making an easy exit after Rays wins.

Improvement over last time?

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