Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Rosenblatt Stadium

Team: Rosenblatt Stadium
Location: Omaha, NE
League: NCAA
Built: 1948
Capacity: 23,145 (College World Series games)
My event: numerous CWS games from 1996 to 2010

I finally sat down to write this up for my hometown ballpark. Well, the old one, that is. I based this off of College World Series games, as that is what the Blatt was known for. The oldest ticket I can find is from 1996, but I based my report off the most recent version of Rosenblatt.

1. Outdoor Design

It is a nice looking stadium, but it is very obviously pieced together and not planned out.

2. Indoor Design

The concourses were small and cramped. The seats were somewhat uncomfortable. Overall comfort was not great.

3. Prices
Fairly reasonable, but not great. The NCAA has jacked up the prices on everything but it wasn’t terrible at the Blatt.

4. Food
The Blatt had the best fresh squeezed lemonade in the world. After that, it was still great. There were many great ballpark foods, plus unique items like ice cream and Famous Daves. Quite delicious!

5. Staff
If you’ve never been to the Midwest before, the friendliness of the staff might surprise you. I didn’t notice this until I went on vacations and such, but everyone here is so outgoing and friendly. Rosenblatt is no different, everyone loves to help out and talk. The staff seemed a little stricter the last couple years though.

6. Cleanliness
Well, its about what you would expect for such an old stadium. Not too good.

7. Parking
There really wasn’t much parking right by the stadium. Most people had to park across the interstate and walk.

8. Atmosphere
The CWS atmosphere is one of a kind. It truly one of those things you just have to experience for yourself. Rosenblatt was special.

9. Playing Surface
It really started to get bad toward the end, but they kept it up.

10. Scoreboard

The latest edition of the left field scoreboard was great. Huge, great graphics.

According to my math, that equals a 65.

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