Thursday, September 29, 2011

Extreme Sun Life Stadium Makover

So the Marlins are officially out of this stadium for good. After their entire history in a football stadium that just happens to fit baseball there, the Marlins will move to their new stadium. Everyone down there is excited, which makes me jealous, but it's still nice to look at.
But wait! word on the street is that the Dolphins are trying to renovate the now 20 year old Sun Life Stadium, to make the Super Bowl committee tingle with their shiny new renovations. The whole stadium and seats looked worn and an update was needed. So after 20 years of sharing, and rain outs, the Dolphins decided to make it their stadium and it looks REAL nice.
They want to make it a football only stadium. Which makes so much sense, and looks really attractive. The overhangs would cool the stadium significantly, because it does get toasty in the day. I really like the whole new seats too. I'm on board for this if they can get it passed
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