Monday, September 5, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Louisville Slugger Field

Team: Louisville Bats
Location: Louisville, KY
League: International League(West)
Built: 2000
Capacity: 13,131
My event: Regular Season Game, vs Indianapolis Indians

1. Outdoor Design

By now, you should know I like bricks. This was really cool. The area like this was a huge hall, and actually had a wedding set up there. The ticket windows and stuff were inside that. So it was like this was a separate building entirely, but I loved this.

2. Indoor Design

Also cool. A bug lower deck, overhang seats, with box seats above that. The outfield(scroll down) was nicely put together. It just was a cozy ballpark.

3. Prices
For a AAA park, it was pretty good. The ones online say 10 for where we thought. I thought it was higher, but it was okay. The 59fifties were 32, when they're normally cheaper at minor league parks.

4. Food
You know already. They did have local made ice cream that was really good. So better than average!

5. Staff
They did have some ticket Nazis, but they were nice about it. I found my seat, and the old man who showed me to my seat actually wiped it down. I thought it was nice of him. The store people were pretty cool too, even thought I didn't buy anything.

6. Cleanliness
It was solid. Some parts were iffy, but overall good.

7. Parking
A lot of people parked for free right behind the left field wall, on the street. but there wasn't much of other parking that I saw.

8. Atmosphere
I liked it! The team was about 8 back, but the crowd was into the game. They had their guys who's limit is AAA ball, and they all loved their team. Also the one guy who is obnoxious and tries to start every cheer. He was there.

9. Playing Surface

Kentucky Bluegrass. Get it?

10. Scoreboard

There was a video board, and a scoreboard. You can see both above, but no complaints, but the video board was shotty at points.

74! I love AAA parks. Theyre just a nice atmosphere with local flair, and no huge names. That's the last one from my trip, and for the first time, the home team was undefeated. A perfect 4-0, and 7-2 on all my trips.

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