Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stadium Report Card: Everbank Field

Our friend Nick went to the Jags-Titans game and did a report card for Everbank Field for y'all.
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Location: Jacksonville, FL
League: National Football League(AFC South)
Built: 1997
Capacity: 76, 867
My event: Regular Season Game, vs Tennessee Titans

1. Outdoor Design
The exterior has a nice façade made of glass and features a statue of a jaguar named “Touchdown” sitting in front of it. The Everbank Field logo is on the top of the façade as well as plastered around the top of the stadium. Nothing else really stuck out though.

2. Indoor Design

The interior looks really good especially with the Bud Light Party Zone added to it when the stadium hosted the superbowl. You can tell you are at a Jaguars game with the look and feel of the interior. Teal blue seats, the “Pride of the Jaguars” Ring of Honor featuring Jaguar great Tony Bosselli honored in it. There are lots of activities for people of all ages. Just wish the field walls had a unique design to them instead of black with the helmet logo.

3. Prices
Very inexpensive for an NFL game. The Jaguars have probably one of the least expensive ticket prices. $75 a ticket for section 100 seats, in my mind that’s real good. Food prices were average for a sporting event. 7/10

4. Food
They had your typical stadium food of burgers, chicken, nachos, and hot dogs but they also had a Sonny’s stand and different variations of everything. I had a big plate of chicken tenders and fries, the chicken was spicy and it was good, I only wish I could have tried all of the food.

5. Staff
The staff was very friendly. They talked to you and helped you if needed. At the end of the game someone stole my souvenir cup and when we found a stand that had the cup my dad was willing to buy it but the manager just gave it to me for free. Great service.

6. Cleanliness
For a stadium almost 15 years old it was very neat and well kept.

7. Parking
the only downside to the day. My dad went with me and he needs handicap parking. The handicap section was at a baseball field across the street from Everbank and we still had to walk to the gates. If I didn’t have to pay $25 to walk the same distance we would have walked from the $10 garages I might not have been as mad.

8. Atmosphere
I’ve heard people say that Jaguar fans don’t care about the team. WRONG!!! The crowd was very into it the whole game. They love this team and support them. Every first down you can hear the famous Jaguar home game chant “MOVE THOSE CHAINS, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, MOVE EM!!!!!! The 9/11 tributes also made this a very emotional experience. The pre-game and half time ceremonies were very touching. In the end the crowd was loud and having fun, especially when the Jags won a nail biter..

9. Playing Surface
It was good. Nothing special but no complaints about it.

10. Scoreboard
There are two identical scoreboards, one on each end of the field. Both were good quality, full of ads, and solid. 7/10

Overall I give Everbank Field a 76 of 100.

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  1. 10 categories, 10 possible pts per come up with 76/100, I came up with 70/100.....did they earn a bonus 6pts somewhere?