Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: Bowling Green Ballpark

Team: Bowling Green Hot Rods
Location: Bowling Green, KY
League: Midwest League(Eastern)
Built: 2009
Capacity: 4,500
My event: Regular Season Game, vs South Bend Silver Hawks

1. Outdoor Design

A lot was happening, and i wasn't impressed. A lot was brick, and then there was metal. it looked thrown together, and not all that attractive. The overhead view might show what I'm talking about.

2. Indoor Design

It was pretty nice. Simple. It somewhat falls into a cookie cutter MiLB park, like Greensboro, and Clearwater. But the outfield was nice to look at. It had a wide range of things happening, and I thought right field being inverted was pretty cool.

3. Prices
To sit in the seats for a game is 10 dollars. The berm in the corner is just 5. The reserved seats seemed kind of much for a regular season minor league game. The drinks were cheap though, so not all bad.

4. Food
The menu was basic, but they had car puns! There was a bar called the garage on the 3rd base side, so there was some variety.

5. Staff
The staff was pretty cool. The ticket window man wasn't that amazing, but other than that they were pretty cool. They knew what they were answering when I asked them questions. Good job.

6. Cleanliness
A new ballpark, and it was very tidy!

7. Parking
There was a large lot behind right, where the grey building is in the first picture. That was paid parking, but we found some open spots a block away, and even behind the left field wall there was a large open area.

8. Atmosphere
For a Sunday game, it was bleak. I don't know what it was, it just wasn't impressive. Looking at pictures, the team sells out their games, which is great to see. But what I saw wasn't one of those games. There's nothing to do in Bowling Green, so you think some people would show.

9. Playing Surface

I thought it was good! Real good. Not sure if you can see through the screen, but I applaud the grounds crew.

10. Scoreboard

A large board, with a box score. That's all you need in a scoreboard. There was ads all over, and it was solid as a whole.

71. I think I might be jaded, but that seems about right for a minor league stadium.

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