Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: LP Field

Team: Tennessee Titans
Location: Nashville, TN
League: National Football League(AFC)
Built: 1999
Capacity: 69,143
My event: Pre Season Game, vs Minnesota Vikings

1. Outdoor Design

Pretty football like. Basic stadium with areas in the endzones. It reminds me a LOT of Raymond James. Big Red lights overhung over everything.

2. Indoor Design

We showed up real early, as you can see. Big Bowls and upperdecks, and large areas on the end zone areas. The concourses were pretty dull. Lots of cement, and old NFL designs. That bugged me, hahaha.

3. Prices
Preseason games are generally cheap. The cheapest were about 5 dollars, and the upperdeck was around 30. We scalped 30 dollar tickets, but sat at the lower bowl.

4. Food
Just guess what they had. THE REG.

5. Staff
The people working the rows were nice and talkative, and they didn't check me for tickets. My dad also had pictures for his birthday with cheerleaders who were pretty nice, so that counts!

6. Cleanliness
I really didn't have a problem with it. Well kept for sure.

7. Parking
This was great. They had areas around the stadium, obviously. But there is a pedestrian bridge going from downtown Nashville to LP field. That is probably the source of 2/3rds of the people who was at the game. 20 dollars, and we parked for a downtown parking spot for the whole day.

8. Atmosphere
These people missed football. Typical NFL crowd wanting to have fun. The whole town was in light blue and navy. Also, the wave went around at least 15 times. I thought it was great.

9. Playing Surface

I thought it was nice, clean, and well maintained. Too bad there wasn't any logos or anything. But it was the first week, so I guess that's normal.

10. Scoreboard

2 huge boards on each endzone, though the presentation was kind of crappy.

69, which was about right. It wasn't that mind blowing, but it was a nice one never-the-less.

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