Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stadium Report Cards: AT&T FIeld

Team: AT&T Field
Location: Chattanooga, TN
League: Southern League(AA)
Built: 1999
Capacity: 6,340
My event: Regular Season Game, vs Birmingham Barons

1. Outdoor Design

The outside of the stadium was pretty meh. It had just a few lights, brick, and looked pretty simple with metal plating.

2. Indoor Design

The inside did it justice. The first post was the great outfield covered in ads, and had mountains overlooking the field. The seats were simple seats, over metal floors, like bleachers.

3. Prices
The tickets were super cheap, my dad had a senior discount, and it ended up being 2 dollars. The store was a little bit more expensive but getting in was real easy.

4. Food
Really basic baseball food, obviously.

5. Staff
I mean, they were pretty cool. Just the one guy I saw the most yelled at kids. The medical staff acted fast. A kit was hit in the eye with a foul ball line drive, and they got there fast.

6. Cleanliness
Really nice and well kept.

7. Parking
There was a few parking garages downtown, and one lot next to the stadium. But other than that, it was okay. The stadium is at the top of a hill, so there's no room for large parking. We actually walked to the stadium, but I took notes.

8. Atmosphere

The best one of my trip. Friday night, kids give away, and Chattanooga was rocking. The whole place was electric the whole game, which was great to see.

9. Playing Surface
I thought it was nice, clean, and well maintained.

10. Scoreboard

It was good! Had the basic info that you needed. But, the sound quality was loud and pretty bad. i add it to this category, because it was worth noting.

67. That seems about right. I didn't have high hopes, but I really liked things about this park. Chattanooga was a really cool city, too. I recommend it!

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