Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MLB Summer Tour: Busch Stadium

Name: Matthew Call
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Stadium:Busch Stadium

How many times a year do you make it to a game?:I usually try to get to a couple games a year, sometimes more. I attended 3 in 2010. This does not count the numerous games I have worked there as a visiting manager with SportService. I don't know for sure if you include those. I didn't get to really watch those games, but got to stop every now and then a see a few batters. Unfortunately, this was not the case during the 2009 All-Star Game. I was busy the entire time the game was going on. Same for the day before during the home run derby.

What is your favorite part of the ballpark?:
Probably now the view of the buildings and the arch. Having an open ballpark like it is now is perfect for St. Louis. Old Busch, after renovations, had a really nice outfield area considering it was an enclosed, multipurpose stadium. But seeing such a great view of downtown St. Louis is just amazing.

What makes the games special?:
The fans. I know some maybe sick of hearing it and may not agree, but St. Louis really does have the best fans in baseball. They have such a high respect and love for the game, that, coupled with the great history of the team, makes for such an amazing experience.

Favorite memory at the stadium?:
So many even though it's only 5 years old, but probably watching them win the World Series in 2006 was one of my personal highlights. I was working, but got to watch the final few batters and celebrate for a few minutes before me and some of my co-workers had to get back to work. We were then there working until 6:30 the next morning, but you would never know because of the adrenaline from having experienced that.

Second may be the first ever game there, an exhibition game between the Springfield Cardinals (where I worked) and the Memphis Redbirds. I was working it, my Dad was attending it. This is important to me because he was at the very first game at Busch II in 1966 and I worked the final game there in the 2005 playoffs. We were then both at the first game at the new one. It was special because as a family, and especially with my Dad, we have always been such huge Cardinals fans and have made many trips there. It's one of the reasons why the Cardinals are so important to me.

Picture of you:
Picture of you: Don't have one at the moment. I'll try and find one.

KC? I think so.

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