Saturday, August 20, 2011

My FINAL Rays stadium

I'm done. FINALLY.

First, before looking down, look at my first version. The comments were like, oh this is nice! Just wait till they see this.

If you don't know me, you should know how I have to be perfect in things like this, symmetry wise. I didn't post what I did since the stadium concept I last posted, because I was always tweaking. Lemme tell you what I did.

I started over. COMPLETELY. Nothing but the ideas are from the first stadium. It started out with the plaza area along the 3rd base side. I added more and more, and made it the right size. My last stadium, I didn't realize down the line was like, 215. So I made it actual size, for one. I made it actual height. I was told the ballpark in Phoenix is 200 feet high, which helped a lot. Originally, the top of the stadium was flat across. I had the idea to arch it, just for effect. I decided that if I angled the roof, the stadium would have a unique look. In my head, the top of the roof would be the same material as the Trop, just to be quirky. From the top, you can see I made the structured side part align with the seats, rounded. I added this later, but I put an overhead tarp over the seats. They host a lot of mid day games during the summer, and its normally really hot. So why not have coverage for day games that isn't raining. Originally, the first base line upper deck was 35 feet closer to the field. The far back lower bowl seats had a limited view. I moved everything back, and that literally took half my time because it just wouldn't work out. I didn't like how it was a beige monstrosity. I changed it to brick. To avoid brick overload, like St. Louis, I made the top arch section metal , just to have it appealing to look at.

I made the stadium completely surrounded by glass. When it's raining, it would make sense to be completly inside. The glass would give unique views 360° around the stadium. Some other things, the entire walk around part of the stadium is 25 feet up, and the field is at 0 feet. The places with black boxes on them are simulated restaurants. I added another whole row of seats, its not just lower and upper seats, its a line of box seats on both sides, then a middle deck in right field, which is my favorite part of the stadium. Some things I didn't do was add like entrances to the upper deck, but there really isn't a way you can simulate a section entrance. The basic layout of the outfield is the same, with the party deck, touch tank and bullpen in deep center.

Lastly, I decorated with some ads all over, giving it a final touch. I added 6 video boards. A jumbo tron, which everyone has. Then I put a scoreboard bug in deep center. Then on the right field wall, I put 2 line up cards, and 2 division standings boards. All the ads here sponsor the rays in one thing or another. My personal favorite, is the Bright House ad with the distance marker. I thought that was cool. I added a few quirks like a clock over everything, too.

So enough reading, LOOK.

Here is where the stadium would be located, with an out of date model of it. The location of the stadium, located in St. Pete, near Gandy Bridge, which would open up the Tampa Market, and shorten the drive by 20 minutes for places in Hillsborough, and North Pinellas. With parking exits connecting to the highways, making an easy exit after Rays wins.

I need to send this to someone, just no idea who. I will show my drafting teacher when I go back to school, but thats about it.

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